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What Drives Us

ICOR Building & Remodeling is a professional General Contracting company with almost 20 years experience in the residential construction field. Serving the greater Mystic CT area, we help customers build a scope of work that meets their project needs and budget, and specialize in executing the project with craftsmanship.

Incorrect material selection and poor workmanship is something that plagues the building and remodeling industry. That’s why We don’t just build, we build better! 


We understand the importance of material selection and quality workmanship. We have seen first hand how much a “cheaper” remodel or build can really cost a client. Advancements in technology over the last 2-3 decades has changed many industries, the building industry included. The amount of material selections available today can be overwhelming for any project. But a building project starts with the right scope of work, which includes the right material selections, installed by the right craftsmen. When your building or remodeling one of your most valuable assets, don’t just higher the cheapest contractor or the guy who can start tomorrow. Don’t just build, build better! After all, we’re talking about your home! 

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